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1- Online pre-registration procedure

  • Read all information contained inon this page, then click on the establishment of your choice.
  • Set your pre-registration rights with Express Union, SGC and YUP.
  • Fill in your information and save them by clicking on the sbutton «validate» at the end of the form.
  • After validation, print the file obtained which contains your unique identifier .

2- Payment terms

  • The University of Yaoundé I offers the student the possibility ofpay the pre-registration and registration fees only at Express Union, SGC and YUP branches across the country.

3- Conditions for the physical submission of the file

For the submission of the physical file, then go to the Facultychosen on the day of the meeting with from the following pieces:

  • Receipt of payment of the pre-registration fee which amounts to 10000 FCFA.
  • 02 copies of your pre-registration form.
  • Certified Compliant Photocopy of the Baccalaureate Transcript /GCE-AL.
  • Certified Compliant Photocopy of the Probatoire / GCE-O Level orCertificate of Success.
  • Certified Compliant Photocopy of the License diploma or itsequivalent for access to the Faculty of Educational Sciences.
  • Certified photocopy of the birth certificate.
  • 04 4x4 color photos.

4- Validation of the file

  • Make absolutely validate your file in a roomcomputer which will be indicated to you during the deposit from the folder in the chosen faculty.
  • Don't take the risk of goingvalidate your file off campus or in unspecified offices .

5- Good to know

  • Only baccalaureates issued by the Baccalaureate Office ofCameroon (or admitted in equivalence) and GCEs issued by the GCE Board (or GCEs admitted inequivalence) are accepted at the University of Yaoundé I; Technicians' certificates are not accepted.
  • The admission lists for the University of Yaoundé I, subject tocredential authentication, will be communicated from September 8, 2021 .
  • Medical visits, at no additional cost , will take place during the 1st month of the 1st semester according to the program which will be established in eachinstitution. New students who will not have made their medical visits will be suspended.
  • The start of the academic year will take place on September 13, 2021 .

If you already have a pre-registration code, in the event of an error noted infilling course or later, click HERE for any modifications on your file.

List of documents to be provided for the physical filing of the file

  • Pre-registration fee payment receipt whichamount to 10,000 FCFA payable to Société GénéraleCameroon (SGC), to Express Union and to YUP.
  • 02 copies of your pre-registration form .
  • Certified Compliant Photocopy of Transcript of Notesof the Baccalaureate .
  • Certified Photocopy of Probatoire / GCE-O Level or Certificate of Success .
  • Certified Compliant Photocopy of License diploma or its equivalent for access to the Faculty of Sciences ofEducation.
  • Certified true copy of the Deed ofbirth .
  • 04 4x4 color photos.